HTTYD // Tumblr Text Post Meme 4/?

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Hello again I have mad my choice and with (hopefully) no regrets, I present my true self to you! -Valka Disappointed?

Oh, hey, there you are! You seem very familiar. Have we met?

you're really hot, just saying (◕ω◕✿)

W…wait, you’re serious??? I have to say, that is a first. (//∇//)

I'm pretty good a being who I am not -Valk

*further confusion*

What if I were to tell you who I REALLY was? But that won't happen! I must observe you before I make a choice! *dances strangely*

Uuuuuhhh oookay??? *gestures confusedly* Then I shall wait with baited breath until such a day comes that you have made said decision.



I was tagged by ask-astridhofferson This is a first!

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1. What’s your favourite ancient coulture? (I mean chinese, viking, indian, etc)

That’s a toughie. Viking culture is of particular interest to me, but I also find Greek culture fascinating.

2. What do you think about HTTYD 3? Do you think it’s a good film plot, to take away Toothless from Hiccup?

WHAT???!! (I have been avoiding spoilers thus far) WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY DO THAT???

3. Do you ever wanted to cosplay?  (If you are cosplayed somethin, then what’s your cosplay plans for the future? c:)

Older Hiccup. The longest-term, hardest project as of yet. Primarily because of cost, but also because of required skill.

4. What do you think about homophobia? 

Why? I mean mainly, why do people feel a need to discriminate on the basis of sexuality.

5.Okay, I can’t ask anything, okay? X”D How are you today? 

I’m doing okay. I’m barely keeping up with homework though (got up early to finish my philosophy homework, now I’m grading for my TA job, then I have to start my E&M homework later and still draw this week’s comic for the paper). So, busy. Really, really busy.

My Questions:

1. Are you the type of person to avoid spoilers until the last second, or find out everything you can as soon as the information is available?

2. What are your thoughts on higher education?

3. Dream job anyone? (fictional or otherwise)

4. Pick a D&D class.

5. Cosplay plans for your next con (or do you even have cosplay plans)?

6. Who would you have write your biography?

7. Current primary fandom.

That’s all I can think of, and I don’t really know who to tag (nor do I really have the time to let them know), so I’m just gonna say anyone who wants to, go for it!

Are you aware that I'm the same person who asked you about the hardest dragon you've trained, AND the person who called you adorable, then asked about your wig! Haha I'll be sighing my name with 'Valka' to remain anonymous -Valka

Oh? Well hi, nice to meet ya, Valka!

I must say, on anon it is difficult to tell who is who.

You're so adorable!! Also, did you MAKE the wig? If so tell me how

(awwww thanks! ^^)

As far as younger Hiccup’s wig goes, I literally did nothing except a little comb teasing.

I didn’t make older Hiccup’s wig per se, but I did a heck of a lot of styling! I got the magnum long in spanish brown from arda and then trimmed it into layers (mostly a lot of trial and error and trying it on as I go). The spiking was done with göt2b glued hairspray and I followed one of arda’s spiking tutorials to make sure I did it correctly. I’d suggest practicing on a cheap wig before styling a nicer one because there are things I wish I’d done differently that can’t be fixed now.

I hope this helps! (and if you want a time estimate, it took me about 4 hours of trimming and 5 hours of styling)


The contrast between their behaviour towards each other from the first hour of httyd, to httyd 2 is quite amusing. And also “son of a half troll, rat eating, munge-bucket” is my new favourite insult.


"Excuse me, barmaid!"